Creative thinking

Learning Robotics and Electronics from small age helps students develop creative thinking and polishes their motor skills. 


Robotics involves programming which helps learners in developing the concept of programming. It is an essential tool for being employable today. 


The best thing is that every age group, from children to old age people, enjoy working with robots. It is fun to create and make them follow your commands.

Well experienced mentors

We have a well qualified and experienced set of teachers who undergo rigorous  training and evaluation process before taking classes of the student. Along with subject matter all of them have high ethical, moral and emotional aptitude towards students.

Focused on concept building

At iRobonics the focus is on concept building. In each and every session adequate time is given to explain the concept associated with the project followed by a contemplation exercise to firm the concept in student's mind.


A general understanding of innovation has been it's innateness. But innovation is something that can be cultured and nurtured in every child. We acknowledge and comprehend unique scholastic needs of child and adapt according to it. We have a highly personalized class to inculcate innovation in your child.

Our clients

Our students are from various institutes. Some notable ones are ...

Maha Union Higher Secondary School, Chandel

Brij Kishore Narayan Singh Government Polytechnic

Kendriya Vidyalaya

केन्द्रीय विद्यालाय

North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology

Keep innovating.