IROBONICS is a for profit organization and we don't ask any donation for operation.

Navonmesh Bharat

This is a voluntary innitiative by team iRobonics to make high value technology driven education reach the nook and corner of the world. Let education not be chained in the unevenness of geographical and social conditions. We have named it as Navonmesh Bharat ( नवोन्मेष भारत ) meaning innovation for India. We take out time and effort from our personal space to go an extra mile to give something selflessly to the society we live in. We are a small group, your involment and contribution will make it big.

Your any little contribution to this cause will be highly appreciated.

Where will this donation be used?

Your donations will be used in following activities only:

  1. To buy kits for students of underprivileged areas in India.

  2. To pay for tutors who teach such students where no fee is collected from student or school.

  3. To support education to students from poor families.

We are only able to work in India, you are welcomed to take this initiative to other parts of the world too.

Donation details

All the donations received are updated here and the accounts of their usages is also provided. No donation is big or small. We respect each contribution equally and thank you all for your sincere gesture.

Donation details